I am self taught and never attended any courses on drawing or painting. Daily practice and observation have taught me what I know today. An artist should never think that know everything, he should always seek to learn new things, new techniques, new styles and forms of expression. Since 2007 I have dedicated exclusively to make drawings for graphic humor, cartoons, illustrations, and sometimes a few characters.


2 - What have been your main influences? Is there any artist or artistic movement that you wish to cite as influences? Considers that the influences may contribute to or hinder the development of a more particular style?

We all suffer influence, whether of one or several artists. My influences are Ziraldo, Cassio Loredano, Spanish Miguelanxo Prado, and especially the Mexican Boligan Angel, one of the most celebrated cartoonists worldwide. On one occasion a fellow cartoonist said me that my work was walking to "style Boligan", which I was partly happy and partly worried, because i would not, and do not want to be known by the cartoonist who has the style equal to the Boligan !

 I think the influences are rather positive, as they contribute to the growth and maturing of our work, as related to the graphics or even the artist's own personality, expressed through the message you want to spend with their work. But I also believe that in part may interfere when you can not, over time, find their own way, their identity or their own brand as they say among the artists. The influences are inevitable, but can not always determine their work. There is a need to find your own style, your own way to express, to carry your message. 


3 - What topics mobilized you? I have seen that you have a great affinity for issues of social order and customs. Could you tell us a little about that?

 I often say that any situation, no matter how ordinary it is, may be subject to the creation of a good idea graphically. The artist, in whatever area it is, must always be connected to everything that happens around him. Should be observant and look always keep very well informed on all issues that move the society they live in and also other lands. Given situation can generate a great idea, expressed graphically, as well crafted and developed at an angle, in a way, unusual and even unexpected! The graphic way in which a design is developed contributes much to attract the curiosity of the viewer.

          Social issues are so often treated themes in my drawings, and enjoy doing it, because people move in, bring a reflection, cause to question this or that situation that often goes unnoticed in the eyes of the majority. Humor is a powerful and far-reaching. It reaches all levels of society and is accepted by all, I think, because who does not like to smile?! A very common in my drawings, the subject is in based on a social or daily situation is the absence of text, making them more general, so as to be included anywhere in the world.


4 - You're a young artist in a short time in the profession already has won several national awards and also earned international. How have you handled it? Could you tell us about the awards? 
 Thank you for the adjective "young" ... (laughs!) Sometimes our facial features do not reveal our real age ... (laughs!)

       Since I decided to dedicate myself to graphic humor in mid-2007, I have worked continuously, daily, trying to develop a serious, critical, without ceasing to be comical and ironic, and of course funny. I think the recognition that my designs have achieved is a result primarily of the grace of God on my life, who gave me this talent from my young age, the daily effort and learning and the quest for something better every day. Having our work recognized and rewarded is always very rewarding and exciting. The awards are important, both in artistic and personal, because they serve as a boost and increase our self-esteem too!

        Undoubtedly, each new award achieved, we feel more valued, happy to see our art conquering its space, being recognized. I try to live each one of these moments with great joy, of course, and naturalness. I share the joy with my wife, family and friends, but always aware that recognition serves as a motivation to always improve some more.

      Each award has a "taste" special. The first is always the most expected and unexpected that brings a feeling of even greater joy. No one could highlight as the most special, but the first career victory in 2007 eoa first internationally were certainly of great relevance motivational! 


5- What is the message I would send to other cartoonists in the world and especially to readers of CNC? I already knew the site? 

       Since the beginning of my involvement with the grafic humor in 2007 have sought to keep me connected with this graphic universe, both through the exchange of information and experiences with fellow cartoonists and especially via the Internet, through social networks and the various sites that discuss mainly the CNC. I do not remember well the specific period, but have access to the site for a long time in order to have access to information about the various competitions held around the world and news related to graphic humor in general.

Well, before the little I've learned and lived in the almost 05 years I have been working in graphic humor, I can say to the readers of CNC and those who want to be part of this wonderful universe, which, like any other, has its obstacles, its natural difficulties, but also moments of joy, amazing experiences and motivating, is it worth it. Fall in love with your work and enjoy do it! Love your work, love your style, your way of expression. Value your capabilities and never feel better or inferior to anyone, but learn from everything and everyone. Seek always to do better. Share your experiences, exchange information. Seek always the best references, the best influences, whether artistic or personal, but keep the focus on your own path in its own way of expression!

A big hug to everyone, with lots of humor! 


       http://mellocartunista.blogspot.com                  www.facebook.com/silvanomello


Natalia Forcat-Brazil                 Editor of CNC International Website

Interview with Silvano Mello, Brazilian  cartoonist        Interview conducted by Natalia Forcat Editor of CNC from Brazil ( 08.feb.2012 ) 

1 - I would like to know a little about how you started in the profession? It was something planned early? There are other artists in your family? 

I think I was born with pencils in my hands! ... (laughs!) ... I like to draw from a very young age and never let this talent and the passion that God granted me. I remember that even, in my 04 or 05 years of age,  i did my first scribblings on the sidewalk that was in front of my parents' house. At this time, how I still wasn't in the school and I had not material for drawing made with charcoal or pieces of bricks used in construction. At this age I had no idea that someone could make money from drawing or survive it, why not plan to be a cartoonist or any work connected to the graphic arts. This idea just came to mind in high school.

I have other brothers who also has the talent pro design, but I was the only one who never stopped making "scribbles". Since very young I living doing my drawings, everywhere, anywhere and in any support I find ahead. At school spent a lot of time drawing the edges of books or even whole leaves.


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