Croatian Cartoonist Ivan Haramija HANS passed away../1946-2014/

Results of The 34th International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition-2014

The results of 13th George van Raemdonckkartoenale Boechout-2014

The results of the 5th International City and Citizen Cartoon Contest /Tabriz,2014

21st International Festival of Caricature
"Ricardo Rendon" 2014

14. International Cartoon Contest "Independence"-2014

The results of IV Bienal de Humor Luís d"Oliveira Guimaraes – Penela 2014

The 3rd. International Cartoon Contest Sinaloa 2014, México

The results of The 10th International Cartoon Contest Syria -2014

The results of the 41.International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba-2014

18th Japan Media Arts Festival | Call for Entries-2014

International Gaza Cartoon & Caricature Contest-2014

International Caricature Competition “Human Rights”-Turkey, 2014

The IV International competition of a cartoons and caricatures "The Devil gas station"-2014

| GAZA | Massoud Shojai Tabatabai | Iran |

International Gaza Cartoon Exhibition - 2014

| First prize: | Galyum Boranbayev | Kazakhstan |

The results of  "Silk Road" International Web Cartoon Contest-2014

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“Full of Love, Fool in Love” –International Call for Submission, Valentine’s Day 2015

Gouden Hoed Cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist-2015

7th OSCARfest International Cartoon Exhibition Osor 2014 Croatia

| First prize: | Darko Drijevic | Montenegro |

The results of  6th P. C. Rath Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest-2014

12th International  Tabriz  Cartoon Festival, Iran-2015

International festival of caricature and aphorism “Green Green”, Delchevo 2014

Complete results of the 22º Salão Universitário de Humor -2014

IV International Biennial of Graphic Humor DULCINEA-2014

International Cartoon Contest Circassian Associations Federation, Turkey-2014 International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival, Turkey-2014

Interview in Brazilian cartoonist J.Bosko Interview conducted by Natalia Forcat from Brazil (05.02.2014)

23. International Festival of Humor and satire, Krusevac, Serbia 2015

Photos of Participants Artist / Cartoonist Worldwide"- Earth Day 2014

The 2nd International Caricature Art Competition, CHINA-2014

International Cartoon Contest Humor Grafico, Peru-2014

10th Biennial international cartoon contest- FRAŠTACKÝ TŔŇ 2014

Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award for - 2014




The list of participants of The second biennial book International Cartoon Contest- 2014

The humor and satire "IN VINICA VERITAS"-Macedonia, 2014

8th International Cartoon Contest Urziceni-Romania, 2014

"Yeni Akrep" N0 123

Selected list of the XXI Festival of the Arts Humor, University of Alcala- 2014

The 3rd International "Olive" Cartoon Contest 2014

Syriacartoon Magazine
Issue No:51+52

X International Humor Hall of Limeira-SP-Brasil

International Tourism Cartoons Competition, Turkey-2014

The Results of Tunel International Cartoon Contest - 2014

The 1st International Cartoon Festival On “International Al-Quds Day"(Palestine)

OSTEN World Gallery of Cartoons Contest  for digital cartoon-2014

The jury members of  3rd International Cartoon Contest of Stock and Investment / IRAN / 2014

Gallery of Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest 2014

Suriacartoon magazine Issue No:49+51

Columncontest - 2014

1st Festival of drawing humor Brugairolles 
September 7, 2014

6. International Cartoon Contest of Bright Minds la ciudad de las ideas-2014, Change the world

VII. Baja International Cartoon Competition-2014