Welcome to Cartoon Center

Cartoon drawing is possible at any age. Adults can learn to draw cartoons at any age just as kids can pick up a pencil and begin doodling to the shock of their parents. You can learn to draw anything you want:

  • pokemonMonsters
  • Dragons
  • Fantasy worlds
  • Funny looking characters

Anything is possible with a pencil and effort – a dab of technique helps, too.

Cartoon Center strives to help you improve your drawing skills (even if you have zero natural talent). Art is our passion, and we’ve created step-by-step lessons to help our readers learn cartoon drawings.

I hope you’re as excited to begin your journey of cartoon drawing as we are to teach you.

But before we begin, there is something you need before we start: passion. Drawing cartoons enables an artist to have fun. Drawing should never become a tedious job that you dread (unless you’re forced to draw for work).

Your imagination soars when drawing cartoons, and this is what made me a better artist.

I’m a firm believer it will open your imagination to a new world of opportunities. Cartoons are quirky and fun.

And I’m enthralled that I can teach others, just like you, on the Internet. This is a lifelong pursuit. If you want to be the next Walt Disney, you need to make cartoon drawing your passion.

You can draw. Your friends can draw. Your grandparents can draw.

Everyone has a different level of natural drawing skills, and even the greats study and practice new techniques.

I promise you if you continue to practice and enjoy your pursuit as a cartoonist, your drawing skills will improve. You’ll be able to draw cartoons better than most people in as little as three to six months.

We have a lot to cover.

And before you go into something crazy like drawing a scene out of The Hobbit, you need to master the basics. Every cartoon has what? A character. This character can be male, female, a dog, some sort of Frankenstein creation or anything you want.

Most, not all, characters have a visible face.


And if a character hides their face, as some do, they certainly have some sort of body. So, if you want to learn to draw cartoons, it only makes logical sense to cover these two very important topics first:

  1. Learn How to Draw Cartoon Bodies: A cartoon body is a good place to start learning the basics. Bodies are easier to draw than faces (for most people), and it’s a good place to have fun and experiment.
  2. Learn How to Draw Cartoon Faces: Faces are difficult, but they should be difficult to draw. Faces express personality, and if you want your cartoon to come to life, it needs a face. Learn the basics of cartoon faces to put a “face” to the body you’ve drawn.

Be creative. Uncover your hidden talent. Use your imagination, and always keep practicing.

Sit down, grab a pencil and a piece of paper, and let’s get started drawing together. If you continue to practice, I promise you’ll refine your craft.

Latest Competitions

We have kindly been asked by PerfectRower.co.uk to help them create a fitness related cartoon as part of a new advertisement campaign. We thought we would turn this into a mini competition to encourage our followers to have a go. The theme for the cartoon is fitness (specifically rowing) trying to ancourage people to exercise after the recenet holiday period. Each participant is only allowed to send in 3 works on A4 paper.